Michigan Army Veteran Receives All-Terrain Wheelchair

Jeff Hall becomes a Recent TracFab Wheelchair Donation Recipient

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Defender Mobility gifts all-terrain wheelchairs to military and law enforcement heroes with injury, limb loss, and limited mobility. For their selfless sacrifice for our safety and freedom, the mission of Defender Mobility wheelchair donation is to give these heroes back the freedom of mobility to enjoy the everyday things that those with full mobility take for granted.

A recent recipient, Jeff Hall, was gifted a TracFab chair after POAM President Tignanelli learned of his story through an event for the Patriot Fund. Learn more about the recent donation below.

I met Jeff Hall while attending a Patriot Fund event last fall. I heard him talking to some other veterans with various disabilities about his 9 year old daughter and how she was at an age where she liked playing in the park near their home and enjoyed going to the beach. He was unable to participate in either of these things since marrying her mom, Stephanie some five years ago. I keyed in on these tidbits and went to one of my friends with the Fund. I told him that I believed this man was a perfect candidate for a Defender Mobility chair. Further advised him that if he could raise the money, I would get it done. Funny part was, we had to go seek him out because I had no idea what his name was!

Because of “supply chain” issues, it took longer to get the chair than it generally does. When it finally arrived at the distributor, we determined it would be easier to have it crated and shipped to a Patriot Fund donor who had a small sheet metal shop near Jeff’s home. We flew in, rented a truck and purchased new ramps at the local Tractor Supply. A short while later, it was uncrated and loaded into the pickup for the drive to it’s new home.  Representatives of the Patriot Fund were on hand with some local media specialists. A short while later, Jeff was driving through his sub (with wife on the back!) to the local park that he longed to visit and which happens to be near his daughter’s elementary school. Jeff immediately became comfortable with the controls and determined he was going to pick up his daughter at school. He then drove through the neighborhood with daughter on his lap. The laughter was infectious! This was the perfect fit for Defender Mobility.

Jeff served in the US Army from 1991-1998 and is quite the dad and husband. DM to the rescue!

– Jim Tignanelli, POAM President and founder of Defender Mobility Foundation

Support Veteran’s Mobility Freedom

If you want to support the continued efforts to restore mobility to selfless American heroes to regain their freedom, please consider donating online to the Defender Mobility wheelchair donation fund to support heroes like Jeff Hall.

Please nominate a military and police hero with an injury, limb loss, or limited mobility for a TracFab chair now.

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