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TracFab Chair Donation for Heros

To enjoy our everyday freedom and safety, military personnel and law enforcement officials have selflessly sacrificed so much of themselves in the line of duty. The expenses of this sacrifice extend far beyond their time and devotion but bled into their everyday freedoms when they suffer injuries—especially those resulting in the loss of mobility on or off the clock. While the right to free movement is something that everyday folks can take for granted and underappreciate, our unsung heroes miss the everyday joys of playing with their children and grandchildren and enjoying outdoor hobbies like fishing and walking. Recognizing this need to restore their freedom back, Defender Mobility was created.

Defender Mobility Founding

POAM President Jim Tignanelli began visiting the Walter Reed Memorial Hospital in Washington D.C. during the annual Police Week. Along with other members of POAM, he and the others visited our nation’s heroes to greet and gift them, thanking them for their service. Each year as Jim returned and volunteered with the soldiers, a need began to emerge for wounded soldiers facing mobility issues and sparked the need to further assist our heroes who have lost their mobility.

Through growing donations from veterans, police officers, caring citizens, and anonymous gift-givers, Defender Mobility was created to facilitate the curation and donation of TracFab chairs, all-terrain wheelchairs, for soldiers, veterans, and law enforcement officials who have lost or a limited range of mobility due to injury or illness. Built with innovative technology, TracFab chairs are the perfect solution to restore smooth and quiet off-road mobility for our heroes to be free to once again enjoy the things they love.

Hero, Dennis O’Donnell, Receives a TracFab Chair Recipient

A recent TracFab donation recipient, Dennis O’Donnell, shows off the tracked chair’s outdoor capabilities. From gravel, unlevel ground, to even grass, Dennis shows off the full range of outdoor mobility that is once again possible for TracFab chair donations recipient like him–all made possible by the generous support of people like you. 

To continue to make restorations of mobility to heroes like Dennis, we ask that you consider donating to Defender Mobility, so we can continue to our goal of providing TracFab chair donations. 

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