Vietnam Veteran Larry McKee Receives Trac Fab Chair

Larry, A True Hero

Larry McKee is a Vietnam era veteran whose exposure to Agent Orange caused his legs and internal organs to fail. Today, Larry can only stand for short periods of time under any circumstances. This keeps Larry from being able to hunt and hunting has provided him a great deal of therapy and comfort. 

He has applied for, and been denied, a grant through the Operation Independence Fund. This fund has been historically slow to provide help to Vietnam era veterans.

POAM President James Tignanelli, with Trac Fab chair recipient Larry McKee.

Larry’s Surprise

Larry, a Battle Creek resident, was in St. Charles for an escorted hunt on September 16th. He had no idea a Trac Fab chair was for him.

The chair was made possible by donations collected by SALE, the Saginaw Area Law Enforcement coalition which was organized by members of the Saginaw Twp POA, Saginaw POA, Saginaw County DSA, and Saginaw County Corrections Unit (pictured below). SALE also received recognition as POAM’s Featured Member Group for August 2016 due to the outstanding work they’ve done.

Representatives from the Saginaw Twp POA, Saginaw POA, Saginaw County DSA, and Saginaw County Corrections Unit presenting Larry McKee his Trac Fab chair.

This is the 12th chair provided to a deserving veteran in the past three years.  All have evolved as a direct involvement of POAM members and their support.  Another will be delivered in October and plans for a 14th chair are in the works. 

Defender Mobility’s goal has been to deliver one Trac Fab chair to a deserving veteran every three years.  However, POAM and it’s members always exceed expectations!

The cost of this chair was$14,500 delivered. Funds raised by SALE also included donation from Dick Garber Automotive Group and Bierlein Construction.

We thank you for your continued support.

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