A Virginian Veteran is Next!

As many of you know, Defender Mobility provided its 15th Trac Fab chair this past November. Our original goal was to provide a deserving veteran a chair every three years, so I think you could say we’ve somewhat exceeded that goal.

In May, 2017 Defender Mobility is scheduled to deliver our 16th chair. This chair will be given to a veteran residing in southern Virginia whose disabilities are quite significant. Defender Mobility will deliver a surprise guaranteed to restore freedom to this deserving vet!

Defender Mobility’s Movement Sweeps the Nation

The chair was purchased with money raised entirely in Virginia! We are proud that Defender Mobility’s charitable efforts have gotten us attention around the country.

Currently, there is an ongoing effort to raise funds for another chair in Missouri as well.

We would like to point out that money raised in Michigan stays in Michigan and we have many deserving veterans who defend our freedom still in need here! We appreciate every single individual effort that has been put forth here and we are so excited that it is catching on in other states now as well.

Keep an eye on the site for upcoming events and efforts to help us be ready when a need is identified!

Thank you for your continued kindness, selflessness, and support!
James Tignanelli

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